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What Are Peptides?

Peptides are amino acid sequences (building blocks) linked together by a peptide bond.  They can be made in our body (endogenously) or supplemented (exogenously).  Think of peptides as signaling agents that encourage our cells to perform certain actions or behaviors inside the body. When used as a part of a comprehensive treatment program, peptides have far-reaching modulating and rejuvenating effects throughout the body positively impacting disease and wellness.


Peptides have the potential to correct cellular metabolic inefficiencies that are at the root of age related illness, allowing healing, rejuvenation, and ultimately vitality no matter what age you are.


Some peptides can encourage the production of growth hormone to optimal physiologic levels in the body, influencing age-related disease and chronic inflammatory diseases. These peptides can also increase the development of lean muscle growth through the development of new muscle cells. 

There are other peptides that can be impactful in combating obesity, as they encourage fatty acid metabolism, improve insulin sensitivity, and promote satiety the satisfied feeling of being full after eating. 

Improved body composition may be what lead you to seek out more information about Medically Managed Peptides, but as cell signaling molecules these are just a small sample of what peptides therapy can impact.

Peptides Utilization: 

Weight Loss

Injury and Recovery

Athletic Performance

Sexual Health




Immune Health


And More...

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If you have additional questions or want to know more about peptide therapy, give us a call to book a consultation appointment now!

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