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Diagnostic Testing Available at The Corkrean Clinic

At The Corkrean Clinic, we utilize conventional and functional laboratory testing.

Functional laboratory testing through specialty labs may be recommended to provide further understanding of why dysfunction is occurring. They assist us in forming effective strategies to restore balance and improve symptoms and disease. 

Functional laboratory testing may include blood, stool, urine or saliva samples to provide information about a variety of systems including metabolic, nutritional, endocrine, gastrointestinal, hormonal, immune, genetic, detoxification, and more. 

Even when conventional blood testing is ordered, we often interpret the results with a functional  perspective. Diagnostic testing is a perfect example of how functional and conventional medicine can be used together to achieve the best outcome for the patient.

A few of the functional tests and laboratories that we use in our practice are listed below.

NutrEval from Genova Diagnostics
The NutrEval® is both a blood and urine profile that evaluates over 125 biomarkers and assesses the body's functional need for 40 antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, digestive support, and other select nutrients. Personalized recommendations for nutrients are determined by using an algorithm based on your patient's test findings. Functional pillars with a built-in scoring system guide the need for therapeutic support in areas of methylation, toxic exposure, mitochondrial dysfunction, fatty acid imbalances, and oxidative stress. The NutrEval Plasma and NutrEval FMV (first morning void) differ based on which sample type is used to measure amino acids, plasma or urine.


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GI-MAP GI Microbial Assay Plus

Almost every patient can benefit from a GI-MAP gut health assessment. Some patients are looking to achieve optimal health, while other patients have been chronically ill and frustrated without a diagnosis for years.

Some conditions that warrant testing are:

  • Autoimmune diseases


  • Digestive complaints, diarrhea or constipation

  • Brain fog

  • Skin problems, like acne and psoriasis

  • Mood disorders, depression, and anxiety

  • Diabetes and weight loss issues

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Precision Analytical Inc.

Tests from Precision Analytical include 

Dutch Complete, Dutch Plus, Cortisol Awakening Response, Dutch Cycle Mapping and Dutch Cycle Mapping Plus.

The DUTCH Complete™ is their flagship product offering an extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones and melatonin, along with their metabolites, to identify symptoms of hormonal imbalances. 

Professional Supplements We Recommend  at The Corkrean Clinic

Our full catalog of professional supplements can be found online at ​ 
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